Friday, November 6, 2009

Another pattern community: Ontology(ists)

I've know for a while that the Hillside/Hillside Europe pattern community - as found at PLoP, EuroPLoP and other *PLoP conferences - was not the only community of people inspired by Christopher Alexander's writing.

Well, in doing some preparation for placing the EuroPLoP 2009 proceedings in CEUR I found yet another one.

Ontology patterns: The proceedings of their 2009 conference are already in CEUR.

And they've set up their own pattern repository at Manchester University.

They seem to be aware of Hillside but they seem to be basing their work on Alexander and the Gang of Four Design Patterns book.

It seems to me, in the Hillside Patterns community, we have a lot we could teach these guys, and they probably have stuff they could teach us. I hope some of them turn up to EuroPLoP 2010.

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