Monday, August 4, 2008

Pictures from EuroPLoP 2008

I've posted some pictures from EuroPLoP 2008 on Flickr - actually I posted them a week or more ago but forgot to link from this blog until just now.

Out of interest I did a Flickr search for other peoples EuroPLoP pictures and found quite a few.

Gregor has a good selection from this year.
Rui Lopes has lots of EuroPLoP 2006.
Keith Braithwaite has some nice ones of Kloster Irsee at EuroPLoP 2005.

Comments on EuroPLoP at

Yishay Mor has some nice things to say about EuroPLoP on another blog.

Its nice to see these comments from a EuroPLoP first timer - reminds me of my own feeling the first time I went to EuroPLoP.