Friday, November 6, 2009

Another pattern community: Ontology(ists)

I've know for a while that the Hillside/Hillside Europe pattern community - as found at PLoP, EuroPLoP and other *PLoP conferences - was not the only community of people inspired by Christopher Alexander's writing.

Well, in doing some preparation for placing the EuroPLoP 2009 proceedings in CEUR I found yet another one.

Ontology patterns: The proceedings of their 2009 conference are already in CEUR.

And they've set up their own pattern repository at Manchester University.

They seem to be aware of Hillside but they seem to be basing their work on Alexander and the Gang of Four Design Patterns book.

It seems to me, in the Hillside Patterns community, we have a lot we could teach these guys, and they probably have stuff they could teach us. I hope some of them turn up to EuroPLoP 2010.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

EuroPLoP 2009 final deadline approaching

This e-mail is going to all the 2009 participants real soon now...

Dear EuroPLoP participant,

We are now starting to gather together the final post-conference revisions of the EuroPLoP 2009 papers. The cut-off date for inclusion in the conference proceedings is 31 December 2009. Papers received after this date may not be included in the proceedings.

Our intention is to place the proceedings in the CEUR online repository. There are currently no plans to produce a paper copy of the proceedings. We will however review this decision once the proceedings are online.

* What you need to do now

If you have not already updated your paper to include the comments from your workshop please do it now. You have until 31 December 2009.

* What happens next
We are currently reviewing the formatting to be used in the CEUR repository and preparing the copyright release form. When this is done I will be in contact again - hopefully within a week or two. At that point you may need to reformat your paper.

* Questions?
If you have any question please contact myself (Allan Kelly, Programme Chair 2009, or Michael Weiss (Conference Chair 2009,


allan kelly