Friday, July 20, 2012

Proceedings online

Wow! This blog is quiet.

Two EuroPLoPs have come and gone since the last posting. Both good, as always, 2012 somewhat smaller than usual but that just made it more fun. 

Anyway, my reason for blogging today is to collect some links. Specifically the websites where you can find online proceedings for past EuroPLoP conferences.

These are:
2011 is still in the works.

In 2007 we broke with our traditional proceedings publishers, UVK, since when we've been working through different options for publishing.

For future conferences you should see:

  • Conference proceedings about 6-8 months after the conference: a collection of record containing all papers workshopped at the conference, published electronically and physically on Lulu 
  • Selected Conference proceedings, 8-12 months after the conference: the highest quality papers published on the ACM Digital Library 

Once we've rebuilt the EuroPLoP website we will also publish post-conference papers there too.