Monday, July 28, 2008

Movie reprise

Here's a small reprise to the artistic activities at EuroPLoP. If you have been at the paint and create session, you may have seen a wheel like this - if not, you may enjoy the movie now...

It is a movie by Tony Hill (see a selection of additional movies here) and actually shows what the wheel pattern is all about (although we might discuss whether or not a wheel is a pattern).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hearsay at Irsee

I often think of EuroPLoP as three days of intensive create outpouring by a bunch of very intelligent people. Before we come to the conference most people (over 75%) have written a paper, they have revised the paper and many people have already helped others by shepherding the paper.

Then at the conference we review the paper and suggest improvements. These improvements and the debate is a creative process.

We also have focus groups were people get together to analyze problems and suggest solutions - more creativity.

And in between the workshops and focus groups we have an art studio anyone can visit, we have a evening of conference wide art creativity, people write songs and we produce our own magazine each day of conference. All creative.

The magazine is more of a newsletter, typically 4 or 6 pages and is called Hearsay - a play on the name of the venue, Irsee. Hearsay is a mix of jokes, funny stories, conference pictures and serious information which people want to share with other participants.

Normally these newsletter are only available at the conference but this year we've decided to put them on line, so here they are:
Hearsay is edited by the student helpers at the conference. This year we have André Santos and Andreas Ratzka to thank.

Monday, July 14, 2008

EuroPLoP 2008 - thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who attended EuroPLoP 2008 - another great conference!

There are lots of people we need to thank for helping organize the conference. Lets start with the Programme Committee: Lise Hvatum, Andy Longshaw, Jim Siddle, Uwe Zdun, Klaus Marquardt, Ademar Aguiar, Didi Schuuetz, Michael Weiss, Arno Hasse, Tim Wellhausen, and Kristian Sorensen, thank you very much!

Special mention to Michael Weiss for looking after the website and creating an online submission system, and to Tim Wellhausen for helping with the sponsorship and financial side of the conference.

Then there are the shepherds, thank you shepherds!

A special mention to Uwe Zdun who received this years Shepherding Award.

A big thanks to our sponsors this year: Siemens, Schlumberger, John Willey & Sons and FernUniversitat in Hagen. Sponsorship is vital to keeping the costs per person down at EuroPLoP.

One final sponsor slipped in at the last minute, University Porto have not only sent Ademar Aguiar but a most interesting supply of Port Wine, thank you U Porto.

And thank you to everyone who attended and made this a great conference! I hope to see many of you again next year.