Sunday, March 15, 2009

Irsee, we have a problem

We should be sending out the final shepherding notifications this weekend but we’ve hit a few technical problems. We expected to have all papers allocated to shepherd by now but we have a few papers still in search of a shepherd. (If your a shepherd, if your reading this, and you’ve not offered to shepherd a paper yet, please contact me!)

This should have been resolved this week but the Hillside mail server seems to have developed a fault – I keep getting mailed delayed messages in return.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, Joe Yoder looks after the server for Hillside and a quick mail to him would have fixed it. But guess what? My mails to Joe keep coming back with mail delayed.

If anyone sees Joe (or can give me his phone number!) please get in touch.

Normal service should be resumed real soon now.

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