Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Accept / Reject decisions gone

I have just sent out all the EuroPLoP accept/reject decisions. If submitted a paper to EuroPLoP and don't have an message from me then get in touch. O, if you have a co-author check to see if they got the message first.

Below is the text of the latter, the bits in [[brackets]] only went to some authors.

Onto the shepherds....
Acceptance to EuroPLoP 2009 shepherding

Dear XXX,

We am please to inform you that your submission to EuroPLoP 2009 has been accepted into Shepherding. As you should know this is the first of three gateways a paper needs to pass in order to be workshopped at EuroPLoP.

We are currently seeking Shepherds for all accepted papers and provided a Shepherd is interested in working with you on your paper we will put you in contact soon. It is very rare that we cannot find Shepherd for an accepted paper.

You will also been assigned a member of the Programme Committee (PC) to monitor the Shepherding process. Normally the PC member will take no active part in the process. However, if you, or the Shepherd, experiences problems you should contact the PC member in the first instance.

You are expected to submit a second review copy of your patterns by 20 April 2009. The committee will review the paper for:
- Evidence of improvement over the initial submission
- Evidence that you, as author, are open to suggestions for improvement
- Evidence of useful, original patterns in a recognisable pattern form; or, for papers submitted to the applying patterns track, evidence that the paper contributes to the body of knowledge on applying patterns

Having submitted the second review, you and your Shepherd should continue working to improve the paper.

The PC will issue final acceptances (or rejections) by 8 May. If you are accepted into the conference you, or a co-author, will be expected to register by 24 May. Failure to do so will be considered as a withdrawal of your paper.

The final conference version of your paper must be submitted by 19 June 2009.

On 8 May your paper will either be accepted into a Writers Workshop at the conference or into the Writing Group. If your paper is accepted into the Writing Group you will be expected to undertake a second round of face-to-face Shepherding at the conference. If your paper improves enough over the first three days of the conference it will be admitted to the Writers Workshop on the last day.

Only papers which have been through a Writers Workshop will be included in the conference proceedings.

[[You should be aware that at this stage that the PC reviews so far make it likely your paper will be directed to the Writing Group.]]

[[Your paper was originally submitted to the applying patterns track. However the PC feel the paper is more appropriate to the general tracks. We therefore propose to move the paper.]]

If you cannot accept these conditions you should withdraw your paper today.

For more information about the conference, Writers Workshops and the review process please see the following links:

If you have any further questions please contact Allan Kelly or Michael Weiss.

Allan Kelly, allan@allankelly.net, Programme Chair
Michael Weiss, weiss@sce.carleton.ca, Conference Chair

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