Monday, May 19, 2008

FAQ: Will my paper be included in the proceedings?

After the conference E publishes a set of proceedings, like these.

All papers which are accepted for the Writers Workshop will automatically be included in the proceedings. Or rather, revised versions will be included. The idea is that the workshop gives the author feedback, the author uses that feedback to improve the paper, and it is that, improved paper, that is included in the proceedings.

Papers in the Writing Group are handled a little differently.

If a paper is accepted to the Writing Group then the paper and author are assigned a shepherd at the conference. The author has Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to get advice from the shepherd and improve the paper.

On Friday night the revised papers are judged by the Writing Group shepherds and those judged to have improved enough are be workshopped with other papers on Saturday. These papers are also - after revision - included in the proceedings.

The only papers which are not included in the proceeding are those which are do not improve enough during the Writing Group to be accepted into a Writers Workshop.

Some people get confused between the Writers Workshop and the Writing Group - I have myself on occasions, the terms are similar. Both are mechanisms for improving papers and both are good. However to get in the proceedings a paper must go through a workshop.

I hope that clears up any confusion.

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