Saturday, May 22, 2010


Registration is now open and we're getting some questions asked. I'd like to share the answers.

Q: I have not submitted a paper to EuroPLoP, can I still attend?
A: Yes, about 20% of those attending do not have a paper at the conference. You will still be expected to read others papers and participate in helping improve their papers.

Q: Can more than one author come for one paper?

A: Yes, if a paper has more than one author they are all welcome to attend

Q: Where can I see the papers submitted?

A: Hold on, the papers are still being worked on. We will make them available to those attending the conference nearer the time of the conference. Indeed, you will have to read some of them to participate.

Q: What does the program look like?

A: Pretty similar to previous years, the
preliminary program is online.

Q: How to I get to Kloster Irsee?

Directions from the airport.

Q: Can my partner come? Can we get a double room?

A: Yes, you will need to specify this in your registration

Q: How much does EuroPLoP cost?
A: This year it is €900 is booked before May 26, €950 after that date. Note also, after May 26 there number of places available will be strictly limited so if you want to come you should book now.

Q: What does the fee cover?

A: Conference fees, accommodation, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snakes), drinks (beer, wine, coffee, soft drinks, the lot) - I think thats everything, the key point is, apart from getting too and from Irsee everything is covered.

Q: Is it true you have games?

A: Yes, two or three times a day - and we like you to join in.

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